About William N. Dakos, M.D.
Education and Internships

  • Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Clinical Psychology – University of Miami.
  • Graduate of University of Virginia School of Medicine.
  • Rotating internship at the University of Alabama.
  • Residency in Otolaryngology at the University of Alabama. Awarded Chief Residency. Oversaw the allergy clinic at the university.


  • Entered private practice in Fort Myers in Otolaryngology and Allergy in 1960.
  • Dr. Dakos is an innovator. Believed to be the first in Florida to use vent tubes in children's ears to prevent deafness.
  • First in SW Florida to do microscopic surgery.
  • First to use electronystagmography to diagnose vertigo problems.
  • Only the University of Miami preceded his use of brainstem evoked response evaluations for the early diagnosis of certain brain tumors.

Voluntary Community Services

  • Has been active in community affairs.
  • Served as president of Little League and Pop Warner Rebels.
  • Started the first youth basketball program in SW Florida.
  • County wide chairman for the school advisory committee for 3 consecutive years.

A Message From Dr. William N. Dakos -

"Dear Reader:

I am writing you regarding some of the medical treatments I am now using. These treatments help your own immune and autoimmune system to work normally.

A small number of doctors in the USA have formed a peptide group. Eligibility requirements were made. Educational programs were arranged.Our Instructor is a professor from Oxford, which leads the world in peptide and amino acid research.

Last year I returned from a lengthy, comprehensive study seminar in Europe. Another is planned next spring to cover new information and uses. I am one of only 20 doctors in the United States to reach the level which entitles us to use the new peptide formulas available. We started with 6 formulas and now have 30 formulas that are more target specific to certain conditions and illnesses. For Example there are formulas to treat rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, lupus, fibromyalgia, asthma, colitis, allergy, sinus, COPD, and a treatment that replaces peptides lost due to aging, as well as others."

William N. Dakos, M.D.
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